5 HUGE Reasons to Hire Rodent Removal Experts For Mice

When you hire a rodent removal specialist or company to remove rodents from your home, you're paying for so much more than just a rodent removal job. That's definitely the case if you hire us to do the job, anyway. Just in case you're not familiar with the idea of hiring in a professional to remove rats, mice, and other rodents or wild critters from your home, let us share with you our extensive and successful process :-

1 - We understand the animals we're dealing with.

We know that mice are incredibly quick, can enter and then live in ridiculously tight spaces, and they breed at such a staggering rate that very few other animals would be able to keep up. That makes mice one of the hardest animals to remove from your home, even tougher than rats. Trying to find a mouse or mice in your home is often like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We have been working at removing rodents, including mice, from a number of properties, including commercial, residential and agricultural, for many years. We have extensive knowledge of the rodent, and we also have a plethora of tricks up our sleeves to get rid of them.

Just check our testimonials and you'll see that we have many happy customers to back it up!

2 - We will perform a 32-point inspection around your property.

This includes inside and out, upstairs and down, and even in all the places that you might not have even thought to look. We'll go rooting around in the back garden, check your sheds and other outbuildings, and even ensure that your garage isn't home to any chewing, scampering critters.

The point of this inspection? To check for live mice, dead mice, evidence of mouse nest sites, and other evidence. A heavy buildup of feces, for example, indicates routes that mice either regularly take, or spaces that a large number of mice have gathered in. Either way, the inspection + our knowledge points us in the direction of the right places to focus our sealing, removing, and protecting efforts.

3 - We will figure out how bad the problem is.

And then we'll create the right kind of solution to fix it. Just as with other wild animal infestations and invasions, the removal of mice should be done with an approach that is tailored for that particular building, with that particular infestation.

Rodent removal is definitely not a one-size-fits-all job. Nor is that one magical solution that solves every problem.

Everyone knows that the most successful battles are carried out with a plan, and our plan ensures that the battle is won — all mice are removed, and all shred of the infestation completely eradicated.

4 - We will use successful methods to trap and remove mice.

And we're talking about dead ones as well as the live ones. We'll follow the smell and the flies to find and then remove decomposing bodies, disposing of them in a safe and secure manner. We will also dispose of any/all mice trapped in a safe way. Mouse traps — the traditional type — are one of the best methods. All methods we use are humane, though, and we never rely on poisons or other chemicals to do the job.

If you aren't using a successful and effective approach, such as lethal mouse traps, you won't ever have a chance of getting rid of all mice. You couldn't catch and release the rodents fast enough to ever be free of them before the remaining group have a chance to reproduce, and they'd easily find their way back to your home or building if you haven't travelled far enough away. Poisons have been shown to have far too many problems associated with it to ever consider it as a valid approach, and repellents or deterrents have been shown to not work. If they do work, they won't work for long.

That's why we're not out of a job yet. If those internet-suggested ‘tried and tested' methods really worked, there would be no need for us to exist. And we do. And we are being called out for rodents and plenty of other problems on a very regular basis.

5 - We'll seal up the building.

And we mean every single hole. Each teeny-tiny spot that you hadn't even realised was big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. On every level, on every part of your home.

That's a pretty big job.

We'll seal up the building with materials that have shown to stand up strong against rodent attack, and mice and rats can both chew through a wide and varied mix of materials. This mix includes drywall, wood, plastic, concrete, and even some metals.

Only by completely sealing the building can you be sure that no animals, including tiny rodents, can get back in again. If you don't seal up the building properly, all of your other hard work will have been entirely in vain.

6 - We'll make sure the rest of your land is unattractive.

Unattractive to mice, obviously; not you.

In order to make a property unattractive to mice, you'll need to take away the things that make it attractive in the first place. Holes and other entrance points are a pretty decent feature, but it's not the only one.

Mice need plenty of food, so if you can clean out, remove, and store away any sources of food in the garden or house, you'll be making it very difficult for the mice to stay. If you leave pet food or chicken feed out overnight, on the other hand, you're making it very easy for a long list of animals to move right in.

At the same time, mice won't inhabit areas that aren't safe. Wide, open spaces aren't safe, because this makes them vulnerable to airborne predators as well as those on the land. If you have lots of mess, garden debris, and overgrown undergrowth all over your front and back yard, you're basically leading the way right to your home. If you clean up a bit, and make it hard for the mouse to find safety and shelter, it will move along to a property that is much safer.

Those 6 points are features that make professional and expert rodent removal specialists the best option when you're faced with a rat infestation. And, to top it all off, using a professional actually usually works out to be the most inexpensive option. Once you start weighing up the cost of three or four different, failed approaches, you'll understand why we're the number one option.

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